Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry or Amla


The health benefits of Indian Gooseberry, also well-known as Amla, can be partially credited to its high vitamin-C content. Amla improves food absorption, balances stomach acid, strengthens the liver, nourishes the brain and mental operational, supports the heart, toughens the lungs, standardizes removal of free radicals, improves fertility, supports the urinary system, improves skin health, stimulates healthier hair, acts as a body coolant, flushes out toxins, increases vitality, strengthens eyes, improves muscle tone and, acts as an antioxidant.

Many health problems are caused by oxidative damage (when body cells use oxygen, they produce by-products called free radicals that can cause damage). Antioxidant agents prevent and repair these damages. Vitamin-C is a good antioxidant agent, which makes gooseberries a powerful tool against a variety of conditions, including various types of cancer.

Health Benefits of Amla/Gooseberry

1. Amla helps to cure sore throat and cold.

2. Amla is a great source and rich in Vitamin C.

3. Daily consumption of amla reduces Constipation which acts as a gentle laxative.

4. Amla Juice is a best solution to heal Mouth Ulcers.

5. Amla also helps to heals Arthritis Condition.

6. Amla helps to cures Sleeping Disorder like Insomnia.

7. Amla is very useful to improve Eyesight and reduces reddening, itching and watering.

8. Amla helps to remove Toxins from the Body.

9. Regular intake of amla is very good to regulates Acid Levels in the Stomach and improves digestion.

10. Amla helps to fights Free Radicals and reduces the risk of Cancer.

11. Consumption of amla daily increases your Metabolism.

12. Amla strengthens Respiratory and Central Nervous System.

13. Daily consumption of amla also boosts Immunity.

Medicinal Benefits Of Amla/Gooseberry

14. Amla increases Haemoglobin level, RBC count and Purifies Blood.

15. Daily Consumption of Amla helps to maintain Cholesterol Level.

16. Amla reduces the Risk of Gall Stone Formation in Gall Bladder.

17. Amla helps cures Infections and Ulcers.

18. Drinking Amla juice daily also helps to prevents Scurvy and Jaundice Outbreak.

19. Diabetes can be cured by amla consumption.

20. It helps to reduces ill-effects of Cigarette Smoke.

Skin Benefits Of Amla

21. Amla helps to delays Pre-Mature Ageing, Wrinkles and Fine lines.

22. It tightens and tones the skin and thus reduces Facial Lines.

23. Amla is a natural exfoliator as it helps in removing dead cells and soothes the skin.

24. Amla gives soft, supple and youthful Skin.

25. Amla works on All Skin Types without any reaction or irritations.

26. Amla is known to reduce Pigmentation and with regular use, it brightens dull and dry skin.

27. Amla Scrub is very beneficial for face.

28. Amla and Avocado Pack are suitable for dry to normal skin people. Avocado is well known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties.

29. Amla Facial can be done twice a week which gives you a refreshing feeling instantly.

30. Skin Brightening Mask gives you an instant brightening effect by reducing the pigmentation and dark spots. Papaya is also known for its skin brightening properties due to its “papain” enzymes.

31. Amla and Tea Pack are helpful for relieving any skin disorder. It also aids to decrease the signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

32. Fresh Amla Pack daily can have great result on facial skin.

Hair Benefits Of Amla

You must have seen and used various amla based hair oils, shampoos and conditioners. By now you surely must have realized why amla is so popular.

33. Amla oil is being used since ancient times for hair growth and to cures Hair Loss.

34. Amla powder offers Luster to Dry & Dull Hair and strengthens the hair root.

35. Amla helps to control Pre-Mature Hair Greying.

36. Amla oil is also an effective treatment for Lice and Dandruff.

37. When amla is used with henna powder it enhances Natural Hair Colour.

38. Amla Oil Massage directly to your scalp at least once a week helps to increase the blood circulation in the scalp. It reduces dandruff by clearing away flakes from the scalp. It makes hair softer, silkier, smoother and bouncy. Regular hair massage with amla oil prevents pre mature ageing of the hair. You can warm the oil slightly and massage onto the scalp. You can also keep it overnight for hair conditioning.

39. Strengthening Pack and Anti-Dandruff Pack can also be prepared with Amla.

40. Herbal Shampoo gives instant lift to your hair and makes it soft, smooth and shiny.

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