Balanced Nutrition Diet Plan for Kids And Adults


Balanced diet is very important for the adults as well as for the children in today’s tiring schedule. The nourishment should include all the essential nutrients which are necessary for your body. Below I have given a balanced diet charts.
Balanced diet is always considered to be the crucial part for a healthy and lengthier life. The healthy nourishment should always include the correct proportions of vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. For maintaining the better and healthier life, you should maintain a track of the daily calorie intake. Make sure that your calorie consumption is neither too high nor too low. Just have look at the balanced diet chart that includes the accurate quantity of food with sufficient nutrients.

Below is the Diet chart for common foods and their composition:


Recommended daily allowances of, energy, proteins and fats according to the body weight:


More on, the body also needs tough content called the water and roughage (for digestion). A food diet that comprises all the above is called a balanced diet.
The human body requires various types of nutrients in order to keep the body fit and healthy. These nutrients should be used up correctly in our daily diet. The nutrition diet that we follow each day must be balanced. Balanced diet is such a nutrition diet that gives all the nutrients required by the body in accurate amount.
This means that it should contain all the types of nutrients in the essential quantities. Each mealtime should include sources of minerals and vitamins (for instance range of vegetables), fats (for instance cooking oil), proteins (for instance pulses) and carbohydrates (for instance cereals).

Balanced Diets of Moderately Active Adult Indians:


Energy Requirement
Balanced food diet should not only take care of the different types of nutrients but also consider the energy requirements of each individual. This is because of different people have different lifestyles and different genre of work. Any individual with inactive habits does not require as much energy as the man who is on his feet throughout the day. The energy requirement for the body is measured in terms of calories. The calorie requirement for a body depends on the age, weight, sex, height, occupation and state of well-being.


A young boy of about Fifteen years old needs more calories or energy than any adult man who do not perform any heavyweight work. In the same way, lactating mothers needs high energy and high protein diet for good lactation. The above balanced diet chart includes all the vital nutrients required by each and every age group. It is always suggested that you must take the advice of your dietician before following any balanced diet chart.

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